Fatayer – Filled turnover cooked on the saj
Veggie - Spinach, onion, tomato, and spices.
Meat –  Ground beef, onion, tomato, and spices
Chicken - Chicken with garlic sauce or pesto, and Lebanese pickles
Cheese – Medley of soft cheeses

Manooshies – Open face grilled breads with one or more toppings
Zaatar – Dried herbs, sesame seeds, and evoo.
Manooshie Special - Zaatar, fresh tomato, onion, and mint

Hummus Wrap - Markouk bread with hummus, zharta, and fresh
tomatoes, onions, and lettuce
Hummus Plate - Cup of hummus served with fresh markouk bread

Helwi – Cinnamon, butter, and sugar (Guiltless fried dough)
Banella - Nutella and bannana on Markouk (peanut butter optional)

Markouk – Handrolled flatbread grilled on the saj
Our Products
Flatbreads, Pastries, and Other Specialties
Garlic Sauce, Original - Fresh garlic, oil, lemon juice, and salt
Garlic Sauce, Basil - Fresh basil w/Original Garlic Sauce
Garlic Sauce, Dill - Fresh dill w/Original Garlic Sauce
Garlic Sauce, Italian - Italian seasoning w/Original Garlic Sauce
Garlic Sauce, Mint - Fresh mint w/Original Garlic Sauce
Garlic Sauce, Thyme - Fresh thyme w/Original Garlic Sauce

Tabouli – Chopped parsley, tomatoes, and onion with bulgur and spices

Hummus – Chickpeas, tahini, and garlic.

Pesto – Fresh Basil, Pine Nuts, Cheese, Garlic, Oil, Lemon Juice,Salt,
and Pepper
Bihlewa (Baklava) –  Walnuts and sugar between layers of phylo dough
and lightly sweetened.

Maamool w/Walnuts – A walnut filled cookie with a hint of rose water
and sprinkled with powdered sugar.  A delicious treat with morning or
evening coffee.

Maamool w/Dates – A date-filled cookie
Other Specialties
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Markouk Bread
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Manooshie w/Pesto, Tomato, & Cheese